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Extracurricular Activities

New Eligibilty Form For Sports!

The FHSAA has changed the EL 07 form required for eligibility for sports participation. We are providing a Guide to the new form under the Extracurricular Activities link on this site. Please read the Guide before filling out the new form.

Extracurricular Activities - Sports


FHSAA By-laws

Home Education Eligibility Q&A

EL7 : Registration Form for Home Education Student to Participate in Athletic Program at Member School (FHSAA) and the guide to completing the EL7

EL7V  : Verification of Student Registration with Public School District Home Education Office

EL9 : Home Education Student Academic Progress Report (FHSAA)

EL12 : Non-member Private School Students

EL 12V : Non-member Private School Verification

EL 14 : Verification of Student Controlled Open Enrollment Option with Public School District

FHSAA Manuals for Individual Sports (rules)

HB1403 – Regarding FHSAA

For College-Bound Student-Athletes

Registration of Intent to Participate Required before the Beginning Dates for Sports

EL 2  
EL 3



1006.15 F.S.Student standards for participation in interscholastic and intrascholastic extracurricular student activities; regulation.
(8)(a) The Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA), in cooperation with each district school board, shall facilitate a program in which a middle school or high school student who attends a private school shall be eligible to participate in an interscholastic or intrascholastic sport at a public high school, a public middle school, or a 6-12 public school that is zoned for the physical address at which the student resides if:
1. The private school in which the student is enrolled is not a member of the FHSAA and does not offer an interscholastic or intrascholastic athletic program.
2. The private school student meets the guidelines for the conduct of the program established by the FHSAA’s board of directors and the district school board.

At a minimum, such guidelines shall provide:
a. A deadline for each sport by which the private school student’s parents must register with the public school in writing their intent for their child to participate at that school in the sport.
b. Requirements for a private school student to participate, including, but not limited to, meeting the same standards of eligibility, acceptance, behavior, educational progress, and performance which apply to other students participating in interscholastic or intrascholastic sports at a public school or FHSAA member private school.
(b) The parents of a private school student participating in a public school sport under this subsection are responsible for transporting their child to and from the public school at which the student participates. The private school the student attends, the public school at which the student participates in a sport, the district school board, and the FHSAA are exempt from civil liability arising from any injury that occurs to the student during such transportation.
(c) For each academic year, a private school student may only participate at the public school in which the student is first registered under sub-subparagraph (a)2.a. or makes himself or herself a candidate for an athletic team by engaging in a practice.
(d) The athletic director of each participating FHSAA member public school shall maintain the student records necessary for eligibility, compliance, and participation in the program.
(e) Any non-FHSAA member private school that has a student who wishes to participate in this program must make all student records, including, but not limited to, academic, financial, disciplinary, and attendance records, available upon request of the FHSAA.
(f) A student must apply to participate in this program through the FHSAA program application process.
(g) Only students who are enrolled in non-FHSAA member private schools consisting of 125 students or fewer are eligible to participate in the program in any given academic year.

Registration of Intent to Participate Required before the Beginning Dates for Sports

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EL 3