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Can home educated students participate in all extra-curricular activities offered at their zoned school?

No. Interscholastic is the key word in the law. The law pertains to interscholastic extracurricular activities, which are generally held outside of school hours for which the student does not receive credit. There has to be competition between schools for the law to apply.

Activities such as chorus, band, or drama that are not competition are considered co-curricular activities for which the student would receive credit. Those do not fall under the interscholastic extracurricular activities law. With these activities, there may be a performance after school, but no competition.

For a home educated student to be able to participate in co-curricular classes, the school district has to have a part-time enrollment policy in place. The school district that allows a home educated student to part-time enroll can receive funding for each class the student takes. In other words, if there is an empty seat in the middle school band, the school district is not getting any money for that seat. If they have a part-time enrollment policy and a home educated student takes that seat, the school would receive about $1,000 for the home educated student.