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ESE Survey

I am working with legislators and groups to again try to ensure that school districts would provide ESE services to home education students with special needs. The federal law specifically excludes by definition home education students from the IDEA laws. School districts are therefore not required to provide those services if a parent decides to home educate their child.

The school district can receive state funding for home education students for whom they provide services but most do not want to bother calculating and reporting the hours for funding. So, HEF is again looking at trying to amend the Florida law to explicitly provide special education services to home educated students who need specialized assistance to achieve their full potential.

I need to collect data from home educators who have been denied special education services for their home educated student. (In the last 3 school years)

Will you please respond to this as soon as possible so that I can gather the data I need to move forward with this legislation?

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