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Learning to Lead

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Learning to Lead

Are you having trouble motivating your child or getting your student to take ownership of his/her education and future? If so, maybe you need to meet Mawi Asgedom, an amazing motivational speaker whose number one goal is to build character, spur action and develop leadership skills in middle and high school students.

His story is a “Cinderfellow” journey. As refugees from Ethiopia, by way of the Sudan, Mawi’s family came to Chicago not speaking a word of English. His parents drilled into their children the need to get an education and to take ownership of their future. His father continued to remind him to get a scholarship. Mawi developed his own plan in high school, graduated from Harvard and then earned an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.

While most children are naturally motivated to learn, some face challenges which are difficult to overcome. Many young people lack vision, direction and a navigational map for their future. Mawi draws students in with his down-to-earth personal humor and his practical ways to help students focus on their own character, actions and goals. He walks his audience through daily journaling, setting goals and establishing a plan to achieve those goals. He has spoken to over 1,000,000 people many of whom live in the most atrocious environment anyone can imagine. He gives them hope through his own experience and helps them to develop a personal plan to rise above their own circumstances. He shows them how their choices determine their future and how to develop a roadmap for success.

You don’t have to be living in hopelessness to benefit from Mawi’s Leadership Institute. This teaching is not unlike that of many other motivational speakers. However, Mawi has focused his leadership training, using a technique he coined called Mental Karate, on middle and high school students and those who work with youth. He is an inspiration to person’s of any age. Now, his two semester leadership course is available free of charge through the Florida Virtual School. This will set any student on the path to success. It may help you shift the responsibility to your child for his/her own education.

On May 15, 2013, FLVS announced that its Mawi Leadership Skills Development Course won an SIIA CODiE Award for Best Instructional Solution in Other Curriculum Areas. Read the Press Release Here

Check out the course here

See the YouTube videos http://floridaleads.org/2012/06/mawi-asgedom-mental-karate/

If you have a home education question you would like Brenda to answer in a future issue, please submit it to www.flhef.org/contact-us

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Have Brenda Speak to Your Group

Brenda DickinsonThroughout the year, Brenda travels the state updating home educator's on legislative issues that can have an effect on home education in Florida, explaining how to stay informed and suggesting ways to communicate needs appropriately.

If you would like Brenda to speak to your homeschool group, please send an email request via the HEF contact page.

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