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Special Independence Day Edition

Four Florida Home Educators, including the original sponsor of the Florida home education bill, are facing tough Primary Elections in Florida this August. Daniel Webster, a home education father, served in the Florida House and Senate for 20 years and sponsored the original legislation to make home education legal in Florida. Other home educators who are new to the political scene are Roger Shealy and Troy Stanley. Rep. Rachel Burgin was home educated and is defending her seat in a Republican primary.

“When candidates who understand and appreciate home education are elected, they are more likely to work to ensure parental rights,” explained Brenda Dickinson, president of the Home Education Foundation. While HEF does not endorse candidates, the Board believes that it is appropriate to acknowledge these candidates and to inform home educators as to which candidates will be the most likely to support and protect their right to home educate.

This special INDEPENDENCE DAY issue celebrates our freedom to elect homeschool-friendly candidates. These candidates will have their greatest challenge in the Primary Election on August 24, 2010. If they win their Primary Election, they will have more factors working in their favor for the General Election on November 2, 2010. However, they need help to win the primary next month.

HEF encourages home educators to make a difference in local, state and national elections. “Get out and help candidates walk precincts, put out signs, host neighborhood meet and greets or make phone calls,” Dickinson suggests. “This election is so critical. Please make it a family event and give your time to help the candidates of your choice.” You do not have to live in the district to work in the campaign.

There are other home education candidates we will feature in the next issue that need your help in the General Election. If you know of other home education candidates running for office in the November 2010 elections, please submit their names and information to the Editor.

The following information was provided to HEF from each of the candidates respective campaigns.

Daniel WebsterUS Daniel Webster (R)

  • Candidate for US House of Representatives District 8. The Seat is currently held by Congressman Alan Grayson.
  • Businessman, engineer and statesman.
  • A proven leader and a man of integrity.
  • Elected to the Florida House of Representatives from 1980 to 1998.
  • Was elected to the Florida Senate in 1998 and was termed out in 2008.
  • Sponsored the home education bill in 1985 and has championed home education issues and rights during his tenure.

Webster was elected Speaker of the House in 1996 and during his term he chose to govern by principle rather than power. Unlike his predecessors, he did not limit the bills which would be heard to those sponsored by his Party, but set forth these 5 principles as the standards for any bill to be heard in a committee:
1) Less government
2) More personal responsibility
3) More family empowerment
4) Lower taxes
5) More personal freedom

At the end of his term as Speaker, during the House ceremony honoring him for his service, even his “enemies” praised him. He knew how to bring people together and work for the common good. Daniel Webster is the kind of statesman we need in Washington today.

Visit his website at: www.electwebster.com to learn more and see how you help.

Rachel BurginFloridaState Representative Rachel Burgin (R)

  • Incumbent Representative to the Florida State House of Representatives in District 56 which includes eastern Hillsborough County, Tampa, Brandon and Riverview.
  • Florida Chamber of Commerce graded her work with an “A” for supporting businesses and economic stimulation.
  • Economic Stability for Small Businesses.
  • Internet safety training in public libraries for children & adults.
  • Transparency in Government through Property Tax notice legislation
  • Support of Gun Owners through legislation for sale and delivery of firearms.
  • Homestead Tax Credit for Deployed Military Personnel.
  • Serves on the National Tax and Fiscal Policy Council for American Legislative Exchange Council.
  • Youngest serving member in the Florida State House, but at 27 years of age, she is a young woman with years of experience in local, state, and federal government.
  • Intern in the White House Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives, former Legislative Aide to Rep. Trey Traviesa.

She is excited to bring her unique combination of youthful energy and government expertise to the Florida House of Representatives. She is completely committed to the task of serving her constituents and the residents of greater Tampa Bay.

Rep. Burgin understands educational choice because Rachel and her siblings were home educated. She is a strong voice for parental rights. Along with her family, she grew up being very active in the political process.

Visit her website: http://voterachelburgin.com to see how you can help.

Roger ShealyFloridaRoger Shealy (R)

  • Candidate for the Florida House of Representatives, District 29, which was held by Rep. Ralph Poppell who is termed out in 2010. It includes parts of Brevard and Indian River Counties.
  • Advocate of homeschooling and School Choice.
  • Fourth generation resident of Brevard County.
  • Graduated from Astronaut High School (Titusville) in 1985.
  • Roger attended Brevard Community College and then earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting from Liberty University in 1990.
  • He and his wife Kerry have five children and are joyfully expecting their sixth later this year. The Shealy’s are members of the North Brevard Homeschool Association.
  • Attends First Baptist Church Mims where both Roger and his wife actively serve in the children’s ministry.
  • Certified Public Account and a Certified Internal Auditor with 20 years working in financial management and accounting, including five years as an internal auditor for Brevard County.
  • Partner and chief economist for SKadvisors - a financial and wealth management company.

To learn more about Roger, please visit his website at www.Shealy2010.com where you can get information about volunteering in his campaign.

Troy StanleyUSTroy D. Stanley (NPA)

  • Candidate for US House of Representatives, Fourth District running for the seat currently held by Congressman Ander Crenshaw.
  • Twenty-year veteran of the United States Navy, having served in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia--fought war and celebrated peace.
  • Home educated three children with wife Valerie for 11 years; two now in college and third child will be dual enrolled next year
  • Retired from active duty in 2008.
  • Troy has chosen to defend his country from the inside. “There must be a voice in Washington to defend the citizens from the tyranny of career politicians. We need ‘citizen’ legislators who aren’t continually running to save their jobs, but rather looking to ensure the blessings of as our Constitution states. Bailouts, buyouts and stimulus packages are inevitable economic tyranny, not liberty.”
  • Will oppose attacks on the Constitution and stand accountable for his actions in town hall meetings before and after each session of Congress.

Visit www.stanley10.com for more information and to see how you can get involved.


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