Dual Enrollment Registration

Our local community college is telling our students, who are currently enrolled in a private school, that they must register with the county, as home educators, in order to participate in Dual Enrollment. Is that true?

FTP, Broward county


It is incumbent on each private school to negotiate an articulation agreement between their school and the local community colleges. Your students may not be enrolled in a school and with the county. FL Statute 232.02 lists five ways to meet compulsory attendance, and those students registered with you have chosen option # 3. Explain that to the admissions personnel at the CC. They should have a contact person for Articulated Acceleration, so find out who that is, and establish the agreement through that liaison.

Familiarize yourself with the statutes that apply to private school articulation (240.116(2)(a)) . Keep in mind that statutorily the law sees your schools' students as private schoolers, not home schoolers. That is where the differentiation will lie for you and (your local community college).

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