Should your child apply for a Bright Futures Scholarship if the student plans to go to a college out of state or does not plan to use the scholarship immediately after graduation?

Yes. A student who applies for an initial award by high school graduation and who meets all other eligibility requirements, but who does not accept the award, may reapply during subsequent application periods up to 3 years after high school graduation. For a student who enlists in the military immediately after high school, the 3-year eligibility period for the initial award begins the date of separation from active duty. To be eligible for the initial award, the student must apply and complete the Florida Student Financial Aid Application (FFAA) prior to high school graduation. If the initial award is reinstated before the end of the 3-year period, the student will receive funding in the fall of the subsequent academic year. Applying for a Bright Futures Scholarship is good insurance if circumstances change and the student returns to a Florida college or university within the 3-year period.

The Legislature may change the Bright Futures Scholarship program in any Session. Please monitor the Florida Bright Futures website in July each year.

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