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Career Counseling

career pathHEF is introducing a career counseling course which will walk you through the sometimes challenging process of figuring out who you are, what you want to do, and how to get there. It will teach you how to translate your knowledge and skills into a resume which will impress a potential employer. If you were to meet with a career coach to work through the hours of materials offered in this course, it would cost well over $1500. However, our goal is to get these materials to you in the most effective, efficient way possible. Even a beginning computer student can navigate the simple website to access the instructional videos, worksheets, and free tools.   A special introductory price for the entire course is available for a limited time.  This is an exceptional value.  Check it out at



College or Career Pathway?

Is your home education program preparing your child for the world of work? Or, are you just trying to get through the basics? If you are not aware of the recent changes that have taken place in the public institutions to help students find their passion, focus on a career pathway and gain skills to enter the workplace, you are missing out on some valuable information. HEF has done extensive research over the summer in this area, using a power point presentation to explain this complicated but exciting new direction in education. Learn how to navigate the new career and technical pathways so you can incorporate these valuable opportunities into your home education program. HEF is making this power point available to you for only $10.

Florida Career Pathways Download

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Florida Career Pathways - Polk County Download

Withdraw from PARCC

Speaker Weatherford and Senate President Gaetz sent a letter to the Commissioner of Education asking him to immediately withdraw from PARCC in favor of a Florida Plan for valid, reliable and timely testing of student performance.  Read the letter at:

ESE For Home Educators

The Home Education Foundation (HEF) is excited to announce that SB 1108 and HB 465 have been filed for the 2013 legislative session. The House and Senate companion bills contain language which will provide special education services for home educated students.

In June 2008, the Department of Education received a request from a local school district regarding whether they could provide services for home education students. The DOE responded that IDEA (federal law) does not require public schools to provide special education services to home education students. While a few school districts continued to provide services, many began to deny home education students the services they had previously provided.

HEF tried to get a bill introduced during the 2009 session to clarify that school districts could continue providing services. The legislative staff reviewed the language and said clarification was unnecessary since the districts could report the student and receive state funding. However, DOE would not clarify the funding issue with the districts and some districts were not sure they could legally serve home educated students.

Over the next couple of years, HEF worked with legislative staff on a case by case basis to obtain services for home education students.

During the summer of 2012, Brenda met with the Foundation for Florida’s Future to request that language be included in their disabilities bill to clarify in law the way districts could provide services to home education students. The Foundation graciously agreed to help. SB 1108 and HB 465 will ensure that home education parents will receive some services for their children with disabilities.

In December 2012, a home education mother contacted HEF to ask for help in obtaining speech and language services for her youngest son, who had recently been denied services by the school district. All three of her sons have had severe speech problems. Her older two sons did receive speech and language services from the district prior to 2008. Now, one of her older sons, because he was able to receive the professional services he needed, is now participating on a debate team. This is the kind of success story HEF wants every child to have.