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Everything You Want to Know about Florida's Virtual Education

Florida Virtual School for home educatorsHEF has been sorting out all the variations of s. 1002.45 F.S. which passed in the final days of the 2009 Session.  There was “virtually” no public discussion of the bill, and the conforming bill appeared with the budget 4 days before the end of Session.  Everyone knew there was going to be a bill, but no one knew exactly what was going to be in the legislation until it finally appeared. At that point, the 67 school districts scrambled to create their own virtual instruction program, and the vendors moved at neck-breaking speed to try to beat all the rest to get the contract with the school districts.  It has been challenging to gather the facts and compare all the variations.  The last piece of the puzzle was to work out how home education students who take virtual courses were to be classified by the FHSAA for  extracurricular activities. Here are the facts with the most accurate information that can be discerned for this school year. Things will most likely change again during the 2010 Session, so HEF will keep you apprised.



Former Homeschooler Tim Tebow Wins The Heisman Award

Great job Tim! Congratulations!

Acceptance speech here

Interview afterward here

Faces of Sports:Tim Tebow-The Chosen One.
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Social Security's New Home School Flow Chart

For some years, the Social Security Administration has permitted home schoolers to receive benefits in some cases. Yet, the agency used a fuzzy test involving several different factors.
Read more about it at: