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Need Brenda to speak to your group?

How do you inform your group about the work of HEF? Ask one of the HEF Board members, or Brenda Dickinson, to attend your group's meeting. With Brenda's busy schedule, it is almost impossible for her to travel very often to speak to groups. In lieu of a personal visit from her, HEF has made a video of Brenda speaking to a home school group. 

The video is broken into three 30 minute segments entitled: 1) - The Early Days, 2) - Challenges to the Law & the Home Education Foundation, and 3) - The Benefits of Having a Full-time Lobbyist. 

Copies of the video can be ordered for donation of $20.00. A cassette recording of the video is available for a donation of $7.50 You may order by mail or online.

For online orders, be sure to include the number of tapes/cassettes ordered and the mailing address in the Special Instructions box.




Comments from others:

Dear Mrs. Dickinson:

I had the pleasure of sitting in on your meeting a few months ago, and up until that time, I really knew very little about you. I really did not know what a lobbyist does, and I really did not care to do anything to support you, mostly because of my ignorance. However, once I had the opportunity to see you in person and really find out what you do, I became interested. I am the legislative liaison for my local homeschool support group and my desire is to rally support for you from our rather large group. The problem is, I am having difficulty peaking anyone's interest, probably because most of my fellow group member suffer from the same degree of ignorance I had. It seems that no matter how much I promote you, I get little or no response. This, even though I have researched your sight and written and spoken to our group about your beginnings and your goals.

I really believe that what is needed, is an opportunity for our group to become a little more familiar with you in a way through means which I am unable to provide at this point. They almost need an emotional connection. What I am wondering is this: Would it be possible for me to obtain from you a video of yourself speaking about your mission, your goals, your beginnings, and some of your experiences as a lobbyist? I would be willing to pay shipping and handling, as well as any other costs associated with this. I know that I was very impressed with you when I saw you in person, plus I realized just how important your role is and how fragile our rights are as homeschoolers. I think I could rally a lot more support for you if my group members could see you as I did.

Thank you for all that you do! And I know one day my children will thank you as well.