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1001.21 Governance – Office of Private Schools and Home Education Programs

Updated: Jun 7

The state recognizes the contributions of private schools and home education programs in providing alternatives to public school education. These nongovernmental educational systems serve the public, but are not considered to be a part of the public system of education.      (1)The Office of Private Schools and Home Education Programs  is established within the Department of Education. The Department of Education and the Commissioner of Education have no authority over the institutions or students served by the office. The office shall:      (a) Serve the interests of students and the parents of students in private schools and home education programs.      (b) Serve the interests of private institutions.      (c) Provide general information to the public about private and home education delivery systems.      (2) The Commissioner of Education shall appoint an executive director for the office who shall:      (a) Serve as a source of communication between private schools, home education programs, the Commissioner of Education, and the State Board of Education.      (b) Evaluate pending policy to ensure that the policy does not subject private schools and home education programs to additional regulation or mandates.      (c) Establish a clearinghouse of information for the public.      (d) Foster a collaborative spirit and working relationship among private schools, home education programs, and the public sector.      (e) Identify and convey the best practices of private schools and home education programs for the benefit of the public and private education delivery sectors.      (f) Represent issues and concerns relating to home education programs and private schools on all applicable ad hoc advisory bodies.

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