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Without Brenda Dickinson, families would not have secured freedoms to home educate in Florida. Craig and Brenda not only pioneered home education in Florida, but helped carefully craft the wording that protects parent's rights. She was there at the beginning in 1985 when Home Education was defined and recognized in statute as a legal option for parent-directed education. 

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Who is Brenda Dickinson?

Brenda Dickinson's story is inseparable from the history of home education in Florida. It's a story of determination, a fight for freedom, and leaving a legacy that continues to empower families.


In the early 1980s, Brenda, alongside her husband Craig, envisioned a future where parents held the reins of their children's education. However, at that time, homeschooling wasn't recognized in Florida. Undeterred, Brenda and Craig embarked on a remarkable journey, becoming pioneers in the home education movement.

Brenda became a cornerstone of home education, a tireless advocate for parents' freedoms. Together with Craig, they championed a bill that would legalize homeschooling in Florida. They got their bill sponsored by state senator Daniel Webster (R). With their unwavering commitment this led to the creation of the home education law that was passed and adopted into legislation in 1985. 

The road wasn't always smooth. The Governor's initial recommendation was to veto the bill. But Brenda and Craig, armed with unwavering belief and clear arguments, addressed concerns and secured the bill's passage in 1984. In 1985, home education was permanently established in Florida law.

Brenda and Craig's vision extended beyond mere legal recognition. They passionately believed in homeschooled students' rights to participate in extracurricular activities. Craig played a pivotal role in passing a bill guaranteeing this access, a bill later named the Craig Dickinson Act in his honor.

Even after Craig's passing in the 90s, Brenda's flame never dimmed. Her dedication to the parents' freedoms and rights to educate their own children only intensified. Through her organization, The Home Education Foundation, she continues to be a powerful voice, ensuring existing legislation remains strong and advocating for further advancements in homeschooling rights.

Brenda Dickinson's story is an inspiration to all who believe in the power of choice in education. Her unwavering dedication has paved the way for countless Florida families to educate their children according to their values and beliefs. As Brenda continues her remarkable journey, her legacy will continue to empower generations of homeschooled students to reach their full potential.


I always love to hear the wonderful stories our home schooling families share.


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