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Many people have no real experience with “homeschoolers.” Our legislators reflect that. They are left to think homeschooling is just “public school - at home.” 

Nothing could be further from the truth.


It’s time to share the truth and tell YOUR STORY about what homeschooling has done for you, or what homeschooling means to you.

Tell Your Story



HomeSchool Field Trip.png

Making Your Story Video is Simple!

Under 60 secs

Videos need to be less than 60 secs. 

Vertical vs Horizontal

You can shoot vertical or horizontal, but do not mix it up. 

Shoot & Upload!

Does not have to be perfect, but does need to be uploaded for us to use. HERE.

Ideas for Blocking Your Story

We recommend breaking your video into sections: 

  • 5 sec intro of you and family

  • 15 sec What's unique about your situation or approach?

  • 15 sec How have your freedoms and choices lead you to a solution that works for you?

  • 15 sec What impact have you seen, measured or noticed from this?

  • 10 sec Outro - thank HEF, Legislators or whomever you wish for fighting to obtain, expand and secure those freedoms. 

Share Your Perspective

We recommend picking a single perspective from which to tell your story, but you could always make more than 1 video if you decide to take a shot at both: 

  • Make your video about your freedoms and choices, and their impact.

  • Make your video about the funding and what doors/opportunities that has opened and why you want it to stay free, open and secure.

This is not a script. Just a helpful guide.


This link will take you to our Google Form where you can upload your video. 

Thank you for your support and your testimony. You will need to create a Google account in order to upload your video. If you're really having trouble and you need assistance, please reach out to us at and we will be sure to connect with you. 

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