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Links You Should Know

Florida Virtual School

Are you confused by all the virtual education options? HEF has created a Guide to Virtual Education for Home Educators

Link Here

Building a High School Transcript

Home education parents can build a transcript that will provide a college or university a clear picture of what a student has accomplished during the high school years. Link Here

History of Bright Futures

There is created a Florida Undergraduate Scholars’ Fund, to be administered by the Florida Department of Education.  Link Here

NCAA Eligibility for Homeschoolers

Click on Resources>Home School Students and the year your athlete will graduate in. Link Here

Online Sunshine

Florida Senate and Florida House site links with option to watch video broadcast schedule. Link Here

School Board Contacts By District

Florida Department of Education and Florida School Choice Office of Independent Education & Parental Choice. Link Here

Colleges that Admit Homeschoolers

This site is a bit older and last updated in 2013, but still is a great place to start. Link Here

Teen Pact

Designed to help students understand the political process.

Link Here.

Laws related to home educators: Child Labor

Child Labor Waiver Information Link Here.

Child Labor Laws Link Here

Homeschoolers and the Military

Whether your child wants to join the military or you want information about citizens living in other country homeschooling. Link Here

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