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First Off, What Is It?

We often hear parents ask about their children and the path to success in life after school. We want home educating parents and students to have access to a day of hands-on fun and activities that expand their options. We want everyone to see exciting career options, certification paths, and possibilities for their future. It's our hope that this fun day might expand their opportunities beyond the traditional path of school, degree, work, and into a model that follows skills, credentials, career. 

Is it fun...

and what will they learn?

The day of activities includes safety first (boring, I know - but necessary), learning to program and run a laser cutter and engraving machine, processing and printing 3D printed parts, hands-on learning with electrical and mechanical systems, programming yeah. If you're into robots, tech and tools - you'll love it. 

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Who Is This For?

This is for Home Education youth 14 and older

This is not your run-of-the-mill STEM for children program. This is career-readiness and opportunity exploration for youth. There's plenty of people talking about becoming doctors, lawyers, YouTube influencers, professional actors, athletes, or dropping fries at McDonalds. We want our young people to know that there are real careers they've never heard of that are available through skills and certifications and that pay good money. 

But we want them to have fun while learning and being exposed to information about these real opportunities. 

Machine Arm Assembling Car

What is AmSkills?

AmSkills and
Home Education Families.

Where Is
This Thing?

4606 Darlington Rd.
Holiday, FL 34690

If you need a hotel CLICK HERE. We have secured special rates for this event. Or you can call and use special code "TSC" : 

(1 888 465 4329)

What Is The
Day's Activities?

5 groups rotating between activities. 

Check In - 9:30AM

Check in and sign waiver if needed, get lay of stations and meet key personnel or friends. 

Welcome, Intro & Safety - 9:45 AM

Presentation about the day's activities, safety protocols, AmSkills introduction and meet staff.

Laser Engraving

The participants will learn how to program and run a laser cutting and engraving machine. 

3D Printing

The participants will learn how to process a file to be 3D printed and will print that part.

Manufacturing Presentation

In this presentation we will discuss manufacturing careers and will answer any questions the participants have.


The participants will learn about and will do hands-on activities in electrical and mechanical systems.


The participants will learn how to program different robots.

LUNCH - 12:10 PM

Eat. Chat. Mingle with friends! Who says Home School people don't socialize?!

Closing - 3:25 PM

Closing remarks, evaluation, FAQ and program wrap-up.

Program End - 4:15 PM

Catch up with friends, post on social media, swap contact info, and have a safe drive home!

At Only $45 per Student

Everyone is asking:


OK! How Do I Sign Up?!

Glad you asked.

There's only a limited number of spots for the event.

So, please register ASAP if you want to get in!

Why We Do It.

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Simply put, we believe in Home Education and the parents and students who put their time and energy investing into it. More than celebrating the successes of a good school year, we want to see them succeed in life. 


Brenda Dickinson, Kim Hannon, Jason Crawford and several others from Home Education Foundation, SALT of Trinity, Tampa Bay Home School Conference and AmSkills are dedicated to making connections that benefit, stimulate, and promote the life success of our home education families in Florida. We see so many opportunities for career success for our youth. All they have to do is reach out and be willing to apply themselves. However, we have parents ask us all the time where these opportunities are and what their children can do to access them. So, we decided to start pulling them together.  We are confident that this is the start of something great for our home education families to gain exposure and experience over exciting opportunities in STEM that lead to careers. 

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