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HEF Board of Directors


Special Thanks to our Board of Directors for all that they do for us and make possible, working behind the scenes for the families in Florida.

Brenda Dickinson, HEF Founder


Founder, 1st Generation Lobbyist

Without HEF and Brenda, home educators would not enjoy the freedoms Florida Law provides parents to educate their own children. As Craig and Brenda pioneered home education in Florida, it became clear that a full-time lobbyist in Tallahassee was needed and HEF was created to help ensure this. Brenda and HEF safeguard existing legislation and evaluate future legislation to protect home education in FL.

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Board Member Lynn Fisher



After coming home to raise and home educate her daughters in their early years, Lynn established Applied Technology Academy (ATA) as a successor corporation with over a decade of providing technical training for the US military, DoD contractors and corporations.

Sue Puchferran HEF Board Member



Sue Puchferran and her husband of 40 years home educated their four children. In southeast Florida, Sue co-founded the Home Education Enrichment Day (HEED). Sue has served on the Home Education Foundation board since 2008

Jason Crawford HEF Board Member



Jason Crawford is an outside the box thinker. He's a Creative Director for CCS Marketing in Tampa, FL. He's a husband of nearly 20 years, father of 4, and a believer that God leads and he follows.

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Dina Fox.webp



Dina Fox is the Founder and CEO of Class Source of Tampa, Inc., a nonprofit Home Education Instructional and Support Program for the Tampa Bay Area.  As a military "Go Navy" kid growing up, Dina experienced 12 different learning environments. This showed her that learning is possible outside of a "system." Dina is passionate about parent-directed education choices and options for Florida families, and bringing opportunities and freedom to the community.  She and her husband Jeff, a CyberSecurity Engineer, have directed the education for their 4 children, three of which have gone into the world to work in Ministry, Trades, and Academic fields. Dina serves on 3 different nonprofit Boards, all of which focus on Parent rights in Education

Donate Directly to Lobbying

If you know and love the Home Education Foundation, and the work Brenda has done over the many years lobbying, and you want to continue to support the lobbying directly, you can do that by donating to HEF directly via PayPal.

It is imperative to maintain a full-time lobbyist in the capitol.

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Or Support
Us in Other Ways

HEF Connect, Inc. has a broader mission beyond lobbying. We create community, share accurate information, advocate for parents and students, and connect opportunities to promote parent-directed educational freedom.

Learn more about our broader mission and how to support it now.

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