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Thank you to our Supporters!

This recognition wall is for individuals or corporate supporters that believe in the importance of Home Education Freedoms and want to be a part of protecting them. This opportunity holds immense significance for families across Florida, and as a vendor supporter in this work with us you will be a champion in a cause that truly matters. This recognition wall is here to show appreciation for our vendors and supporters who donate monthly at our $100 tier. You show your unwavering support for home education and parent's rights and we want to showcase you to our freedom-loving community. Thank you.



Protect Home Education Freedoms.


The freedoms we enjoy today are at risk of being infringed upon or even erased by those who misunderstand or undermine the value of home education. As an HEF Vendor Supporter, you have the opportunity to join a select group of visionaries who recognize the significance of this cause and its impact on countless families.

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