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Jason Crawford's path to becoming HEFx's Chief Communications Officer is a testament to his unique blend of analytical thinking, creative problem-solving, unwavering dedication to his family and community, and his knack for communication. Originally from Alabama, Jason's journey could have used a Brenda Dickinson to fight for rights in Alabama. He understands firsthand the importance of advocacy and the positive impact it can have.

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Who is Jason Crawford?

Before going on there’s something important to note.


Something that makes Jason so intense is the profound turn his life took when he missed his first daughter's first step. The world seemed to freeze for him and this powerful moment ignited a deep desire to be present in his children's lives. With four beautiful children to raise, Jason made a life-altering decision. He reorganized his life, taking a significant pay cut to homeschool his children and prioritize their education. This commitment to family exemplifies the depth of his character.


For years, Jason’s innovative spirit led him to work with prominent Tampa Bay names like Derrick Brooks Charities, Moffitt Cancer Center, USF, IRONMAN and more. Jason's greatest passion lies in empowering others, and this is what makes him such a great Creative Director in his marketing company CCS Marketing. He sees the world differently than most, and he has a way of translating that to messaging and action plans that transform his clients’ journeys. 


He discovered a special talent in helping non-profits understand their brand and target audience, crafting messages that resonate deeply and drive positive change. Eventually, Jason stumbled upon Brenda Dickinson. Well not her exactly, but her story and her tireless advocacy for freedom. 


Inspired by her achievements, he joined the board of the Home Education Foundation, lending his communication expertise to raise awareness and secure funding for a lobbyist. Jason witnessed the transformative power of effective communication, and Brenda's dedication resonated deeply. When the need arose for someone to carry the torch forward, Jason, with a touch of humor, remarked to his wife that he'd move to Tallahassee if only it were possible. Driven by an unwavering belief in the cause ("Someone HAS TO DO IT"), Jason harbored a secret hope, even though the circumstances seemed overwhelming.


The impossible became reality. He attributes this moment to God’s hand moving and calling him to dedicate himself to the fight for freedom. And just like that, within six months, the pieces magically fell into place. Jason was gifted a temporary residence while his house was on the market, and in January 2024, he embarked on a new chapter – a lobbying career fueled by his relentless pursuit of freedoms.


Jason's academic background in Communication and Psychology at USF and Grand Canyon University, coupled with his experience as a youth mentor and relationship coach, has equipped him with a unique skillset. He possesses the ability to see situations from unconventional perspectives, anticipate potential problems, and wield language with precision. This, along with his fierce dedication to securing liberties, makes him an invaluable asset to HEFx.


Jason Crawford's story is one of unwavering dedication – to his family, his community, and the pursuit of a just and free society. HEFx is fortunate to have him leading the charge in communications, ensuring Brenda's legacy lives on, and inspiring future generations to fight for the freedoms we all hold dear.


I always love to hear the wonderful stories our home schooling families share.


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