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Home Education Scholarships

HEF has gathered this information for your convenience.

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*FES-EO (Education Options) Scholarships are for private school students
Step up for Scholarships –
AAA Scholarships –


Education Law

Register under the Home Education law with your county
• Keep a portfolio and log.
• Submit an annual evaluation. (parents select one of five options)
• Home Education students do not receive government scholarships for K-12 grade.


Terminate your home education program or withdraw from school
• Register with the Scholarship Funding Organization (SFO) (Step Up or AAA)
• Receive ~$7,500 for home school expenses
• Submit a student learning plan to SFO
• Submit a sworn affidavit to SFO
• Complete a national normed reference test and submit the score to the SFO


Register under the Home Education law with your county
• Complete application with a Dr.’s report or IEP
• Students will receive $8,000 and up depending on the
student’s need for services and the IEP
• Funds may be used for curriculum, courses etc.
• Submit an annual evaluation. (parents select one of five options)

PEP Purchasing Guide (FTC FES-EO)

Questions about what purchases the PEP scholarship will cover?  Step Up for Students has just released a helpful guide which breaks that down for you, and we're linking it here for your information.

Just click the button below to download the PDF.


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