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Exciting Student Opportunity

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

HEF is excited to announce that we have arranged for Kuder to present the MyCareerShines webinar on two different dates so you can learn about this valuable resource.

MyCareerShines is Florida’s comprehensive education and career planning system designed specifically for Florida’s middle and high school students. It is funded by the Florida Legislature, powered by Kuder, and is available at no cost to all students and adults in Florida.

Recently, HEF sent out 2 newsletters detailing how parents could research career information for their students, but MyCareerShines combines all the resources we had been able to identify plus much more into one comprehensive online program. Highly customized for Florida, MyCareerShines includes evidence-based and developmentally designed career assessments, occupational exploration, career awareness, education planning tools, postsecondary institution information, scholarship searches, job prep tools and tutorials, a resume/cover letter builder, and 2-year, 4-year and industry certification education planning tools. This career planning system also contains many videos allowing students to explore different careers.

You can access this fabulous resource on your own for your child and set up his/her own personal account at: or join one of the webinars below and get a certified career planner to walk you through it.

These webinars will be presented on:

Paula Crutchley will present these webinars for HEF.  However, if you can’t join these webinars, you can schedule a webinar training or an in-person training at no cost with one of the two Florida trainers listed below.

Maggie Miller is the Field Trainer in North Florida.  Maggie can be reached at 863-279-8580 or

Paula Crutchley is the Field Trainer in South Florida.  Paula can be reached at (805) 208-7539 or


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