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Umbrella School Laws in Florida

In Florida, Umbrella Schools are considered private schools. They are sometimes also referred to as 600 schools, because of Florida Statutes 623 and 617, the laws under which some umbrella schools incorporate.

There are 6 ways to satisfy compulsory attendance in the state of Florida. The following is taken from Florida Statute 1003.01(16)(a)-(f):

(16) “Regular school attendance” means the actual attendance of a student during the school day as defined by law and rules of the State Board of Education. Regular attendance within the intent of s. 1003.21 may be achieved by attendance in:

(a) A public school supported by public funds;

(b) A parochial, religious, or denominational school;

(c) A private school supported in whole or in part by tuition charges or by endowments or gifts;

(d) A home education program that meets the requirements of chapter 1002;

(e) A private tutoring program that meets the requirements of chapter 1002; or

(f) A personalized education program that meets the requirements of s. 1002.395.

Students who are homeschooling via an umbrella school are not considered home education students according to statutes. They fall under option (c) on the above list, and by law are considered private school students.

More information about the statutes and regulations that apply to private schools in Florida can be found below:

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