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One-Time Donation?

If you're not ready to commit to monthly support, that's ok. We still welcome the one-time supports as well. Just be sure to stick around and take advantage of all the informative nooks in our site and connect with your lobbyist so we can keep you informed and up to date!

Other Ways to Get Involved

After 30+ years lobbying in Florida to keep Home Education Freedoms secure, we have learned of several ways that we need help in additional to financial support. Yes, money makes the world go round, but we also get by with a little help from our friends. Here's how you can help!

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& Share!

Share your Home Education Story

Often times we have to talk to Legislators who have no idea what it's like to be a Home Educator in Florida. We need people to call on in times where your voices are needed to amplify our requests. We can't tell you how many times that has made all the difference. When they can see our real stories, and hear the authentic hearts and needs of Florida parents it makes a difference. You can make that difference.

HEF Needs Your Help Spreading the Word.

We lobby on the capitol, and we spend much of our time there, but we often need to get the word out about what we're doing. Or, we have an urgent issue and we need to spread the word quickly. Help us by telling your friends, family, sharing our website, articles, newsletter, social media posts and videos. A little bump in our reach would really help us out. 

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Get the
Word Out!

Virtual Team Meeting

Invite Us
to Speak!

We can speak to your group or event!

Through the years, we have toured Florida to share our lived experiences and what HEF has done for Home Education Families. We have speakers with years of experience home educating, they can share such powerful moments. We can speak at live events, your groups, or even your virtual groups and events. 

Local businesses care about local families.

When you show up in mass to support a local business as a home school crowd, it shows impact and earns respect for home education in your community. It sends a positive message and it creates an opportunity to raise funds that can be challenging to raise as an individual. Let us know and we can connect you with organizers who have had great experience hosting events.

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Be in the know on local campaigns.

It matters. Your voice matters, and who you support locally matters. Build relationships in your community, and support candidates. Share information on them when you learn that they're in support of home education families. Or, take up the mantle and run and be heard! Let us know when you do. 

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