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1009.53 – Bright Futures

Updated: Jun 7

The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program is created to establish a lottery-funded scholarship program to reward any Florida high school graduate who merits recognition of high academic achievement and who enrolls in a degree program, certificate program, or applied technology program at an eligible Florida public or private postsecondary education institution within 3 years of graduation from high school.

1009.531 – Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program; student eligibility requirements for initial awards

1009.532  – Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program; student eligibility requirements for renewal awards.

1009.534 – Florida Academic Scholars award.

1009.5341 – Florida Bright Futures Scholarship awards for graduate study.

1009.535 – Florida Medallion Scholars award.

1009.536 – Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars and Florida Gold Seal CAPE Scholars awards.

1009.538 – Bright Futures Scholarship recipients attending nonpublic institutions; calculation of awards.

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