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Live Chat with Brenda Dickinson

Our first Live Chat will be hosted on July 10th, 2023 at 12pm Noon!

We will be going live each Monday until August at 12pm Noon to answer questions for our community. This is the perfect time to connect with YOUR FLORIDA LOBBYIST for Home Education and get answers to common questions.

Will we be talking about PEP? Yes.

Will we be discussing your concerns, options, and answering questions about HB1? Yes.

What we will NOT be covering. We will not be looking up anyone's account to answer specifics about your private account. We will not be answering questions of a personal nature about you or your children, etc.

We WILL be answering questions that you might have about your specific circumstances that could be useful to others. We will be answering other questions you might have for Brenda about what it's like being our Florida Lobbyist, what's coming up, what's important to watch out for, etc.

Submit questions Live as a comment below the video, or you send them in ahead of time by posting in the Event on Facebook, or submitting them through the contact form on our website, etc.

You will be able to find the replay on our website once the live sessions have been ended, and they will also be saved on Facebook for you to watch and share.


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