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Big PEP Updates Today!

We've just updated several of the FAQs on HEF's forum based on brand-new information Brenda just received today!

We now have answers to a LOT of parents' questions about PEP as it relates to:

  • Bright Futures

  • FLVS

  • Taking classes at public or charter schools

  • Dual Enrollment


  • How the standardized tests will be administered

You can catch the highlights of these updates the PEP FAQs section of our Live Forum!

We've pinned a post to the top of the forum that provides directions to the specific FAQs we've updated today. (You do need to create a Site Member account to access our forum, but it's free!)

We will also be doing a special Livestream tomorrow (Wednesday, August 16, 2023) at 1PM to go over these latest updates.

You can catch that on our Facebook page:

(Or watch the replay there later if you don't make the Live video!)

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