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Need Brenda to speak to your group?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

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HEF is supported solely by contributions of Florida home educators.

PO Box 12563 Tallahassee, FL 32317 HEF Brochure

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The video is broken into three 30 minute segments entitled: 1) – The Early Days, 2) – Challenges to the Law & the Home Education Foundation, and 3) – The Benefits of Having a Full-time Lobbyist.

Copies of the video can be ordered for donation of $20.00. A cassette recording of the video is available for a donation of $7.50 You may order by mail or online.

For online orders, be sure to include the number of tapes/cassettes ordered and the mailing address in the Special Instructions box.ORDER VIDEO $20ORDER CASSETTE $7.50

Comments from others:

Dear Mrs. Dickinson:

I had the pleasure of sitting in on your meeting a few months ago, and up until that time, I really knew very little about you. I really did not know what a lobbyist does, and I really did not care to do anything to support you, mostly because of my ignorance. However, once I had the opportunity to see you in person and really find out what you do, I became interested. I am the legislative liaison for my local homeschool support group and my desire is to rally support for you from our rather large group. The problem is, I am having difficulty peaking anyone’s interest, probably because most of my fellow group member suffer from the same degree of ignorance I had. It seems that no matter how much I promote you, I get little or no response. This, even though I have researched your sight and written and spoken to our group about your beginnings and your goals.

I really believe that what is needed, is an opportunity for our group to become a little more familiar with you in a way through means which I am unable to provide at this point. They almost need an emotional connection. What I am wondering is this: Would it be possible for me to obtain from you a video of yourself speaking about your mission, your goals, your beginnings, and some of your experiences as a lobbyist? I would be willing to pay shipping and handling, as well as any other costs associated with this. I know that I was very impressed with you when I saw you in person, plus I realized just how important your role is and how fragile our rights are as homeschoolers. I think I could rally a lot more support for you if my group members could see you as I did.

Thank you for all that you do! And I know one day my children will thank you as well.


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