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We’re reaching out with a critical concern regarding CS/HB 1403. As dedicated advocates for parent directed education, which includes our PEP students, we oppose the bill as it is currently written, and we’re being ignored on our issues and concerns. 


  • Parents are NOT being heard. Our voices, representing those directly affected by the PEP scholarship, seem to be overlooked in the decision-making process. 

  • We’ve expressed our concerns in committees

  • Decisions are being made without sufficient input from the families who actually utilize the PEP program.

  • We urgently need more time to discuss and resolve the issues present in this bill.


  • Beg leadership to temporarily postpone CS/HB1403, engage in meaningful dialogue and collaboration and amend this bill to address the issues for families directly affected by this bill.



The Governer’s Office: 

The Speaker of the House - Representative Paul Renner: 

850.717.5000 | 850.717.5019 |

The Chair of the Education & Employment Committee: 

The future of this scholarship program in Florida is being shaped now.

Be sure leadership hears from those who know these issues best – the families themselves.


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Bruno Meksyk
Bruno Meksyk
23. Jan.

Sent to DeSantis, Rubio, Scott, Representatives, speaker and education committee chairman. despite the intentions of the elected official being good or bad, nobody is perfect and they might be seeing with a different perspective. make sure to make your heard, as votes are a powerful weapon. Remember that the squeaky wheel gets the grease

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Sent to all. Hope it helps. I would like to hear MUCH better news. Expansion and positively refined instead of contracted and restrictive.

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Kara Kelley
Kara Kelley
22. Jan.

Emailed all 3 and Jennifer Canady, who is on the next committee and my area rep.

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Remind me…if your children are enrolled in PEP then they are or are not able to participate in the sports programs at their local schools. I’m of the understanding they are not (because we have unenrolled them from the home education systems), so if the local schools are being funded (special equipment for subjects outside of the core subjects, like sports, music, art, etc.), then our home education families not being allowed to purchase the same equipment for our children’s elective subjects is a detriment to our kids. It‘s definitely not clear and is going to make things less efficient with the SFO’s reimbursing items. The language in this amendment is very unclear and seems thrown together last minute. W…

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Antwort an

According the the law, kids should be able to sign up for electives. PEP law refers to homeschool law and gives students the same access. But it doesn’t work that way. I have tried and been denied multiple times. The schools have all of their students enroll first. The homeschooler has to wait until after classes start for the year, and then if both (a) there is an open seat in the class and (b) the teacher approves, the student can join. This is a far cry from open access.

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