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We Were Live!

If you missed it, the link to watch it is HERE.

We had some technical difficulties and were not able to go live at exactly 12pm Noon. We had power outages from storms, and a cascading host of complications in our schedule once we let that dragon loose.

However, we did manage to get back up and running around 3:30pm and were live for almost an entire hour answering questions.

Thank you to all of the participants who stopped in and stayed for the entire time.

Thank you, Brenda for taking the time to put curious minds at ease with answers. We know that you work tirelessly behind the scenes not just when you're lobbying with our representatives, but also when you're going back and forth with the other organizations in the community that offer support to keep the information flowing.

If you want the short version of the takeaways, they're something like this:

Use to ask questions and submit recommendations. This process of getting all of the definitions out, and the lists full of "approved" suppliers, etc. is going to take time and patience. Please use that link and help inform the process.

Also, please make use of our live community for more information and help from our entire home education community : . You will find questions and answers to PEP as well as many other helpful input from our HEF admin, moderators, and home education veterans in our community. If you would like to be considered as a moderator or home education veteran, please email us directly at to start that process.

Finally, use the HEF website's resources to find the HB1 Personalized Education Bill - ENACTED pdf so that you can read all of the language that's going to be coming to the florida statutes website. They have NOT update the website yet, but you all have your questions. So please, make use of that document as it is a copy of what will be added to the laws website. You can find that downloadable resource here:

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