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RE: PEP FUNDS FAQ for the 2023 Personalized Education Program (PEP)

All of these questions are regarding the Personalized Education Program, introduced in HB1. You can download a copy of the language of the bill that will be enacted July 1, 2023 - HERE.

First, take a moment and watch this video as it will help answer some of your questions. But then if you have additional questions, keep reading. If you have questions that aren't answered here, please submit them through the contact form and we will get your answers!

What tests are there to choose from and how are they administered?

The tests are "to be determined" in the future, but right now the acceptable norm-referenced assessments that are most commonly used are California Achievement Test, Stanford Achievement Test or Iowa Test of Basic Skills. These can be administered by your evaluator/teacher. Local support groups can also administer them. A list of Florida Department of Education's Norm-Referenced Assessments can be Found here.

Use of the Funds: can they be used for supplies?

Short answer? "No."

Explained Answer: Funds have to be used for "REQUIRED" supplemental materials. In other words, supplemental materials inherent to the program.

Florida Statute 1002.394 (2)(b) lays that out: "'Curriculum' means a complete course of study for a particular content area or grade level, including any required supplemental materials and associated online instruction."

Also, the funds can be used for classes online or in person (lines 1222-1271 of HB1).

Here's a helpful "quick-list" of fund usage:

  • Can be used for curriculum & instructional materials, including digital & internet resources.

  • Tuition or fees for full or part time enrollment in an eligible private school or classes at a home education instructional program

  • Tuition or fees at an eligible (private) postsecondary institution, approved preapprenticeship program, FLVS or public-school classes.

  • Fees for private tutor or a private tutoring program under s.1002.43

  • Fees for nationally norm-referenced achievement tests, AP tests, industry certifications, assessments related to postsecondary education and other assessments

  • Fees for a choice navigator to assist in developing a student learning plan, choosing curriculum and advising on career and postsecondary options.

Can the funds be "backdated"?

A mother asked, "For instance, I have already purchased most of the curriculum for the upcoming school year. If I sign up for this PEP funding, will I get reimbursed for the curriculum that I have already purchased?"

To our knowledge, only purchases made after July 1, 2023 will be eligible for reimbursement. The bill does not become law until this date, so any purchases made before the enactment date are made outside of the scope of this bill.

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How will PEP affect graduating seniors who had formerly been under their county, hoping to earn a Bright Futures Scholarship? What about public school athletics or afterschool programs? Can PEP funds be used to “Pay to play” if a student is no longer enrolled under the county?

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