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Exciting New Changes to FLVS-FLEX

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

First, home education students are now eligible to enroll part-time in FLVS classes from kindergarten through grade 12.  Prior to the 2017-18 school year, home education students in grades 2 -5 were not eligible for FLVS part-time enrollment (FLEX). The 2017 Legislature removed that restriction.

Second, elementary Spanish, which was previously a pilot program, is now open to all students in grades K-5, including home education students. Students can register at any time during the school year for the Spanish class and will be placed with one of FLVS’s amazing teachers. The website is being changed in the next few weeks to allow home education students to select the Spanish course individually.  However, if you want to register your child before the website changes are completed, you can call FLVS and your child will manually be placed in the class.

More about FLEX Elementary

In the kindergarten through 5th grade courses, elementary-certified FLVS teachers provide age-appropriate instruction. Students meet with classmates and the teacher online twice a week for Class Time, then work independently with parental support three days a week. All sessions are recorded if a student has to miss a “class.” On days without Class Time, the parent has the flexibility to structure student learning activities around their schedule.

FLVS-FLEX Elementary now takes new students throughout the school year and there is no cutoff date for enrollment.  Student are encouraged to be in attendance during Class Time to stay on schedule and to develop a relationship with their teacher and engage with their peers. It is important that if you choose to use these classes for your home education curriculum, you need to be committed to having your child complete the courses because FLVS is funded on successful completions. Even though funding is important, above all, FLVS is committed to the success of your child.

FLVS pairs language arts classes with social studies classes while math is integrated with science and technology, so parents would typically choose those courses grouped together.  However, if parents request individual courses and/or accelerated courses, FLVS will accommodate those requests.

Home Education vs. Virtual School

There are some home education parents who feel that virtual school is not really home education.  However, if you view it as a curricula choice, it is no different than any other curricula choice parents may make.  Because FLVS is free to Florida residents, it is a good option for parents who cannot afford other more expensive curricula.

Often new home education parents “bring school home” their first year because that is how they think of school.  Frequently, parents feel they need structure and direction in the first few years. FLVS is one way to help those new parents gain the confidence they need to home educate their child.  This may be really important to parents who live in areas where there are no home school support groups, coops or programs.

Some parents will choose to stay with a more structure curriculum because it fits their teaching style.  Others will become more confident as they serve as their child’s educational “coach” and begin to trust their own teaching abilities. However, some parents may continue to use a few FLVS courses to supplement their home education program, just as some parents of high school students choose to supplement with dual enrollment or FLVS courses.

There is no right or wrong way to home educate your child as long as the parent is engaged in the child’s education. The Home Education Foundation has been creating opportunities to give parents choices since 1985.  FLVS is just one of those choices.  Check it out for yourself.


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