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FLVS Chinese – Key to Student’s Future

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Although, Nicole was an outstanding athlete and had swim scholarship offers, she wanted to become proficient in Chinese and study accounting. Her dad’s research led them to the Language Flagship Program offered at the University of Mississippi. Nicole’s FLVS teacher encouraged her to apply to the Language Flagship program, giving her an excellent recommendation. After Ole Miss conducted a phone interview to determine her proficiency in Mandarin Chinese, Nicole was told that her spoken Mandarin (tone) was better than most public or private school students that entered their program. As a result, Nicole was awarded scholarships to study Mandarin Chinese.

The students in the Ole Miss Chinese program will spend three summers, as well as their fifth year, in China studying in an immersion program to gain proficiency in the language and learn the culture. At the end of each academic year, Nicole will have to pass a proficiency test to remain in the program. If she has a superior rating on her final exam, she may be offered a job with the CIA or FBI and potentially many other global companies.

Nicole’s younger sister is currently taking Latin at FLVS to get a good foundation, but plans to finish her language requirement through dual enrollment. She hopes to major in computer engineering and is currently taking FLVS AP Computer Science. Stay tuned for the next newsletter where we will explore the FLVS computer engineering program!


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