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URGENT: Call to Action! (1-30-2024)


A companion bill to HB1403 has appeared in the Senate. It is going to the Education Pre-K -12 Committee today at 1:00 PM.

We are asking parents to call and email the members of that committee NOW to express your concerns!

You can find the members of that committee here:

Also, if you are a PEP parent local to Tallahassee and want to come speak at the committee, please reach out to us at ASAP so we can help coordinate!


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Has anyone written a HEF summary of this legislation. I’ve attempted to read 1403 in an earlier version but it would be good to get some analysis from the folks who see this and breakout the major areas of concern. Does this line of legislation deal primarily with PEP or is there a greater impact to homeschooling in general? What is HEFs read on these bills?


I sent the following to all of the committee members…juggling feeding and napping 4 kids while writing so not the most eloquent but hopefully it helps!

I am writing with regards to SPB 7408 and am disappointed there wasn’t more time to comment.

I have learners with both the PEP and UA Scholarships through SUFS.

My first deep concern is for the well rounded education of my very hands on PEP learner. Without access to the same elective equipment public school children enjoy, she will be at an extreme disadvantage going into college. Core subjects are necessary, of course, but fine arts and career path education are what deepen and develop a human.

Please remove the restriction for scholarship use…


Done! Hope it helps!


Does anyone have a link to a summary of the issues with these bills?

Replying to

We have another post here in the forum with the issues we were lobbying on for HB 1403. This Senate bill is the companion bill and is pretty much identical to the bill that's been moving through the house.


Talk about short notice. Here's what I sent:

I know you are discussing SPB 7048 today in committee, and I wish I could have communicated earlier on this matter.

We are a current PEP family and have concerns about this bill. As it currently stands, this bill creates a giant gap in the provision of the education of PEP students. It's clear and understandable that steps must be taken to prevent irresponsible spending, but as it stands it is far too broad in its prohibition on any equipment outside of core subjects.

The arts and physical education have been seen as legitimate areas of study as long as human civilization has existed, and it doesn't make sense that resources for these…

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