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April 2010

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

April is a very busy month for HEF’s Brenda Dickinson as she works closely with legislators in session that are considering and voting on laws that will impact Florida home educators. Here are a few of the ways HEF has been hard at work for you this month.

  1. Worked with Senators and staff to establish Bright Futures Medallion Scholarship scores in statute rather than being determined later by appointed officials.

  2. Educated legislators that limiting the time a student has to complete a FLVS course would not save the state money and would be detrimental to students with learning disabilities who need more time to be successful.

  3. Attended numerous committee meetings to follow bills which will affect home education and private school students.

  4. Senate Education PreK – 12 Committee a McKay Scholarship bill, sponsored by Sen. Gardiner (R) Orlando, passed the committee. It will allow parents to use VPK money on 5 different therapies for children who have an IEP. HEF was able to work on this concept with House staff about 3 years ago. It will bridge the gap for students with disabilities to be able to qualify for a McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities without having to spend a year in public school. The bill has a long way to go and time is running out, but I am hopeful that it will pass.

  5. Responded to calls from home education parents about athletic eligibility rules, college entrance requirements of home educators and more. Facilitated conversations between home education families and the Florida High School Athletic Association.

  6. Provided home education position on specific pieces of legislation to leadership in the House and Senate.

  7. Responded to request from FHSAA to review and provide input on forms required for home education students to participate in athletics.


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