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October 2010

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Editor’s Note: Even though the legislative session was over months ago, the work of The Home Education Foundation never stops. Summer is a very busy time helping to educate and encourage FL Home Educators. Here are a few ways HEF has been at work for you in the past months.


  1. Palm Beach County Homeschooling Cooperative – Palm Beach Gardens.

  2. FACE – Lake City.

  3. Began negotiating compromise for community service hours for Bright Future’s Scholarship with DOE.

  4. Continued working with virtual education stakeholders.


  1. Calvary Chapel Homeschool Ministry – Melbourne.

  2. FHSAA Board meeting – Gainesville.

  3. Lighthouse Homeschoolers – Lakeland

  4. Handled several eligibility issues with FHSAA.

  5. Discussed Home Ed policy issues in several school districts.


  1. TWIGS – Bellair.

  2. Homeschoolers of Miami Enrichment, Inc. – Miami Beach.

  3. Began working with homeschoolers to address an overreaching county school board policy.


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