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Ways to Explore Careers

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

There are many courses available through local school districts from aerospace academies to law academies, but most of them will require full-time enrollment in a public school.  There are also opportunities for a student to start down a career pathway or vocation at a career and technical center run by the school district, but a student would need to be fairly sure that welding, nursing, cosmetology or automotive technology is the career they wish to pursue.

Home educated students have some other opportunities to explore a career pathway through the Florida Virtual School at home, online, and free of charge.  These courses will give students course credit and an opportunity to explore a career pathway.

For example:

Digital Information Technology explores emerging technologies, digital design, Microsoft Office online applications, operating systems, and much more! Students will learn their strengths and how they relate to potential career opportunities.

Journalism explores a career in journalism, and students learn how to write a news story, a feature story, and an editorial. Throughout this course, students will learn researching skills and how to conduct interviews, analyze the reliability of sources, and self-editing techniques.

Theater, Cinema and Film Production explores the elements of theater and cinematic techniques used by those who create performance productions.

Criminal Justice Operations 1 explores the fields of law enforcement, the court system, and the correctional system. Students will acquire technical skill proficiency, industry knowledge, higher-order reasoning and problem-solving skills, general employability skills, and occupation-specific skills needed in all aspects of law, public safety, and security careers.

Creative Photography 1 exposes students to the basics of photography including lighting, shutter speed, and composition. The student will gain an understanding of professional photography, learn what creates an eye-catching photo, and build a portfolio of images. Also, the student will gain an understanding of professional photography, learn what creates an eye-catching photo, and build a portfolio of images.

Art History and Criticism 1 will allow students to learn to critique and compare significant works of art and architecture from Prehistory through the 21st century. They will analyze art history and criticism methodologies, explore media and techniques used by artists from various cultures and time periods, and learn appropriate terminology for discussing artwork from around the world.

Social Media 1 explores the history, developments, risks, and rewards of using social media. Discover how individual contributions and influence can be enhanced with the appropriate use of social media. Using their own social media account, they will examine how your interactions can generate change, inform others, and leave a lasting effect.

Guitar 1 allows a student to explore their interest and talent in music. The course gives students a foundation in music skills by learning music notation, music styles, and full-strum chords. Students will play the guitar, learn practice skills, and perform for their teacher throughout the course.

Although these courses are not intended to be the first step on a career pathway, they expose students to information that may help them determine if their interest lies in a particular field.

Another way to explore careers is to arrange field trips to manufacturers through Made in Florida or arrange a field trip to your local state college or career and technical center to see what they have to offer.

Then, there is always the possibility of volunteering at a veterinarian’s office, a nursing home, or a hospital.

Exposing students to careers that align with their interests in junior high and high school may help them discover their passion and avoid wasting valuable time later on.


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